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Aldrekus Quirell Lester started doing music when he was 13 years old influenced by his brothers. When he’s not doing music he’s probably out skating to clear his head or probably writing. Aldrekus was born April 13th 1996 in Mullins South Carolina. He moved to Atlanta, Ga when I was 2 years old. “I’ve been here ever since and it’s been quite the journey here” 
 Convinced has always been the shy gentle kind, but overall he’s great to talk and bond with. He even has a thing for Nongshim Shin Ramyun he said he feels like Naruto and how he always love to eat it. Who knows, maybe you can go out and grab a bite with him. 
 Name: Aldrekus Quirell Lester 
 Hometown: Mullins, SC 
 Born: April 13th 1996 
 Genre: Hip-Hop/ Pop