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Posted By Zalza

Eric Alexander Bulér Forrest, better known as Zalza, born on March 18th, 1982 in Falun, Sweden, is an independent Chiptune artist, composer and music producer.

Zalza's known from participating in the computer scene in Europe, composing music for Cracktros and Chiptune disks by renowned demo scene groups such as Razor 1911, Fairlight, Rebels and Titan.

He started composing music back in 97’ when he was first introduced to tracked music on Amiga and PC and he released his first official Chiptune called ‘Back to the Chipland’ in 98’. Zalza’s musical style is heavily inspired by 80's 8-bit game console soundtracks coming from Nintendo and C64. He has released both full-length albums, remixes and medleys and have had tracks included in hot-topic Youtube MEME’s.

His journey music-wise, has drifted from quirky 8-bit tracks to hard hitting electronic compositions. Zalza has taken a step into the Synthwave music realm - Incorporating Chiptune with Synthwave on his album release ‘Out Of Memory’ with more releases to come.

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