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“ambivert music inspired by the everyday life” hello, beautiful people. i am a 21-year-old computer science student from serbia, who cultivates his passion for music in his free time since the age of 12. the songs i make mainly fall under indie electronic, with elements of lo-fi hip hop, chillhop, and lo-fi house. there's also a pinch of experimentalism in them, due to the use of heavily edited instruments, and sampled foley asmr sounds. well, as you see from the pretty lengthy titles of my songs, i always do my best do deliver a story, a message to the end listener in a straightforward way so you can understand and relate to it. i truly believe a piece of music is much more moving and relateable if it has a meaning behind it, especially if it's something from the everyday life that you can identify with. having said that, can you imagine yourself lying in bed, thinking about your crush at 2 a.m. and this very feeling accompanied by a soft gentle song played on a ukulele, with vinyl crackles, and melodic crickets sounds in the back? currently working on an upcoming album titled “crushes”, dedicated to the overwhelming feeling of crushing hard on someone during the high school years. it's

a project i envisioned and started in my senior year, and it's finally about to be released very soon. here's a spotify playlist of all of my musical stories: vallenteen's musiƈal stories. cheers! - vallenteen