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The country-soul sound of Priscilla Renea’s game-changing new album, 'Coloured', finds the singer and chart-topping songwriter coming full circle. The Florida-born, LA-based singer-songwriter wrote her first song at age eight, got her start posting self-recorded songs on YouTube as a teenager, and hasn’t stopped creating ever since. Now, after spending nearly a decade as a songwriter-for hire, penning hits for stars like Rihanna, Pitbull, Kelly Clarkson, Mary J. Blige, Madonna, Demi Lovato and many others, Renea has emerged to tell her own story with the chameleon-like stylistic range and emotional intelligence that has brought so many others’ hits to life. Spanning classic R&B, dark-edged country and urban-soul, 'Coloured' is a fierce, political, and personal collection of stories that reckon with Priscilla's childhood in rural Florida, sublime love, violent heartbreak and racial trauma.