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Felix Schneider-Restschikow, born 24 December 1990 in Neustadt an der Weinstraße, Germany, began playing the piano at age 6. The early years he learned classical piano with his father. Due to hitting puberty he took a break for some years, but after that he started playing again, interested in a variety of genres. The world of Jazz fascinated him a lot, so he decided to study music. 2010 began his studies with Tine Schneider as professor in the "Hochschule für Musik Würzburg". 2015 he finished his Bachelor. One of these years he studied in Valencia (Spain), taking classes with Albert Sanz, a famous Jazz- Pianist in Spain. 2017 he finished his master still learning with Tine Schneider. (https://www.tineschneider-jazzpiano.com/de/). At the moment he is still living in Würzburg and playing in Bands like:Raniin-Trio (www.raniintrio.de), Anton Mangold-Quartett (www.antonmangoldquartett.de), Not Machine (https://not-machine.com/) Lou-Duo (https://lou-duo.de/) As an teacher he works at the solidary music school "Willkommen mit Musik". (https://wimu-ev.de/)