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"An irresistible combination of the strange, the silly and the razor-sharp, zhOra may be just the guaranteed mind-bending riot of riffs we all need." - Metal Hammer "zhOra cement themselves as the future of sludge with an experimental sound that pays fitting homage to the past of the genre. The Irish four piece bring forth a hard hitting juggernaut packed to the brim with dark atmospheres and crunchy riffs sure to satisfy the palette of the most discerning metal fan." -Sludgelord Originality. It's not always easy to sum up why one band hasn't and another doesn't. All you need to know is that zhOra do." -Metal Ireland zhOra have always been a band about displaying the uncomfortable innards of mental well-being. zhOra's songs have a sense of immediacy and a frantic, confessional attitude. Frustration being the fuel that burns the fire. On March 27th zhOra release their third album 'Mortals' via Hostile Media. The main theme and inspiration behind Mortals is frustration. The songs all share the connection of being frustrated at something that’s out of your control, or controlling you or someone you care about. Sometimes there’s not much more you can do, than just scream into the wind about it.'