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Intense! Bombastic! Fierce! Replicator fever… CATCH IT!! 
 Straddling the fine line between technical precision and reckless abandon, social commentary and smartass revelry, Replicator endeavoured to bring something unique and worthwhile to the overall culture of this independent music thing while somehow managing to overcome the signal to noise ratio of vapid defanged post punk disco retreads and the latest astroturf “garage band” fad with the marketing dollars of the cool hunting multinational corporations. 
 Replicator played throughout the US with bands like Melt Banana, Trans Am, Rye Coalition, Big Business, Blood Brothers, Oxes, BABYLAND, Hella, Vaz, Stinking Lizaveta and many, many more. 
 Hailing from Oakland, California, in the San Francisco bay area. the suspects were as follows: 
 Conan Neutron | treble guitar, tape deck/laptop, voice Benjamin Adrian | bass guitar, keyboards, voice Christopher Bolig | drum set Todd Grant | thrang guitar (Live 2006-2007) Replicator shows were boisterous, loud, energetic, intense and, fun. 
 Conan now plays in Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends with Dale Crover of the Melvins, and Ben and Chris play together in Cartographer.