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hectic drum grooves + bouncy Moog + distorted guitar + crystal voice = .▲ .▲ Two Belgians, one Hungarian and a Luxembourgish. Four musicians enjoying the exploration of a psychedelic blend of rock and trip-hop. At the crossroads of Radiohead, Damon Albarn, Modeselektor and Miles Davis. .▲ The lyrics look very much like short stories. They are rooted in a more and more oppressive yet hopeful reality. .▲ Next.Ape have shaped their sound: a slamming snare drum, a deep bass on the Moog, a distorted guitar, some keyboards and of course a clear and charismatic voice. .▲The groove is hectic and incisive. Improvisations give you goosebumps. Their music just takes you. veronika harcsa .▲vocals lorenzo di maio .▲guitar jérôme klein .▲keyboards antoine pierre .▲drums pierre dozin .▲ sound engineering