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It’s with a strong passion for sound as a primary material and a constant need to learn and evolve that Dimitri Pike who started simply as a DJ and a records shop assistant quickly became a producer of electronic music with references on some of the best independent labels from the “Motorcity”, the mother city… Detroit (USA). Labels references: Matrix, Subject Detroit, Detroit Techno Militia His DJ technique is known as fast, tight, strong and made him a regular face in today’s worldwide capital of techno aka Berlin (Tresor Club, Void Club, …). His productions can go from the most beautiful ambient pads to the hardest techno drums… Many classify his downtempo productions as cinematographic perfect stories. Attending a school of Sound Design in 2019, a professor (sound engineer) said: “Dimitri’s works are unique since his techno/electronic background offers something really new and exciting to various sound design well-known techniques, I hope Sound Design will offer something to his music and I hope his music will offer something to Sound Design”. Joining his passion for sound and for northern (Arctic) territories, Dimitri Pike is actually behind an amazing project called “Arctic Cycles” that will join the practice of sound design, cultural awakening and nature preservation. Dimitri Pike is a "Hi-Tech Nomad"...