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The Ariadna Project's story began by the end of the year 2000 when their song "The shadows will remain behind" was chosen to be recorded in the first Barilari solo album. Barilari's album was recorded by Emppu Vuorinen,Jukka Nevalainen and Sami Vänskä from Nightwish, and Jens Johansson from Stratovarius. Released in Argentina, Europe and Japan put Ariadna Project's song in worldwide scene. After the success of Barilari album, in 2003 the label Nems offered Ariadna Project a deal to record their first album and in 2005 "Mundos Paralelos" was finally released in Argentina. With a great and fresh Melodic Power Metal sound, the album got the attention of the public and media right away. And in 2007 the english version of Ariadna Project's first album "Parallel Worlds" is released showing their potential as an international act. After an impasse of 5 years a new steady line up of the band got back on track and in August 2013 and started to write new songs. The new material approaches the Matrix; Global Control and NWO concept along with a modern and epic sound combine to deliver a tight melodic metal album. The album was entirely recorded in Buenos Aires and mixed and mastered in Helsinki, Finland. It was released in Japan, Europe, Mexico and Argentina on 2016 and the band started a tour thoughout Argentina sharing stages with many national and international acts such as: Rhapsody, Sabaton, Blackoustic and Helloween. For 2019 a new album is planned so, to be continued...