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brooklyn-based 22-year-old search-engine-optimized musician ⌕umru emerged into the pop music zeitgeist with his first production credit on ⌕Charli XCX's regenrealist 2017 mixtape ⌕Pop 2, recruited at 18 by ⌕A. G. Cook to co-produce the highlight track 'I Got It'. this quickly brought umru from high school and online music circles to joining XCX's US and EU tour dates and collaborating with some of pop's most forward-thinking acts. the release of his debut ᴇᴘ ⌕search result on Cook’s PC Music label revealed his strength in merging intense, somatosnareal production with earwormesque performances from a lineup of protohyperpopular vocal talent including ⌕Laura Les (of ⌕100 gecs) and ⌕Lewis Grant (of ⌕Lewis Grant). the ᴇᴘ was followed by three sold out 'search party' events across the US. umru's sound cache sample pack has become a staple among modern producers. umru's most recent work includes the star-studded 7-minute ⌕movinglikeazombie - remix with ⌕ ericdoa (named one of the best tracks of 2020 by NPR), production for ⌕Dorian Electra, ⌕Rebecca Black, ⌕Tommy Cash, and ⌕Fraxiom, as well as scoring for artist Hayden Dunham‘s performance at MoMA PS1. umru's production work can be heard here: ⌕prod. ҈ umru ♪ his antiindustry microrecord label's releases can be heard here: ⌕SONG® Music — Catalogue photos by Carlo Cavaluzzi, Henry Redcliffe, Max Schramp (in order)