Jon Clark


  1. 1.
    Mr. Fix-It Man
  2. 2.
    Trip the Wire
  3. 3.
    Nobody Special
  4. 4.
    Busy Man
  5. 5.
    Cloud and a Deed
Jon Clark has been writing songs since the early 70's. After way too many years, this singer/songwriter has released Volume 1 and Volume 2 of his collection.
Jon frequently performs with his full band "One Long Skid" with a wink and a nod to the "tie-dyed crowd". He was born "with Gabriel's trumpet at his side" (and it hasn't strayed too far since). Coming from a musical family, it seemed natural to pick up and play any instrument that happened to be around. Early on, Jon bought a used 5-string banjo and proceeded to scare the neighbors dogs with it. Later he gravitated towards the acoustic guitar and lap steel.
During the 70's there was a renewed interest, a revival of sorts, with bluegrass, folk, and country music among many "Woodstock Generation" musicians. Folk rock was flourishing. Kentucky and San Francisco collided, and western cowboys were seeing more colors than brown.
Inspired by this movement, Jon started to write songs and jotted them down in a spiral bound notebook. Many of these songs lay dormant for years, tucked away in life's closet of accumulated stuff, until a shuffle of cards brought them back to the top. In the past few years, Jon is back writing songs, playing guitar, and singing about people, places and things that he has skidded into.


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