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Hey there I’m Jenna. :) I’m a pop singer-songwriter whose head rules my heart... until I’m writing a song. I write music that I hope speaks to people, especially women, who have falsely been made to believe that being polite and not causing a stir should be our priority. I hope listening to my songs builds a fire that inspires you to be independent and stick up for yourself, your friends, and what’s right. 
 On any given night you can find me cooking poorly while dancing around my kitchen, watching New Girl or Portlandia with my friends, or learning about astrology. I’m an Aquarius sun, Virgo moon, Taurus rising; aka a pretty organized, independent weirdo, but someone who is pretty quiet and grounded when people first meet me. Anyway, I hope you dig my tunes and they help you step into the badass you were always meant to be. ⚡️