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Born with a purpose from the moment he opened his eyes and took his first breathe. One hot summer evening in Philadelphia PA, on Friday Aug 13, 2004 a new life was delivered into this world. By the age of three he developed an unorthodox passion for music. It didn't matter what genre, if the song had a melody or a melodic sound it would hold his attention. To create music became his life, he needed it to live just as much as he needed oxygen to breath. No one could have ever predicted by age 15 he would grow to become the music industry's last rock star! Rockstar Leaf is not your average 15 years old rap artist, its unlikely you will ever hear anything close to him. He birthed a very distinctive sound by utilizing his vocals as an instrument, along with a wide range of impeccable flow patterns giving him the advantage. After listening to his songs, it's clear that he has an old soul with a wise spirit at such a young age. The topics he writes about paints a vivid picture, enabling his fans to feel his presence through his music. This has created a bond for both to be able to connect in a very personal and deep way. That's a divine gift, a true blessing only a rare few are born with, like Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Cold Play, U2, Jay-Z, Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Andre 3000, Lil Wayne & now there's me the Last Rock Star, ROCKSTAR LEAF! "There were many before me, and there will be many after me... But there will never be another like me because my kind is divine designed"