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Hi! My name is Ladislav and I am a guitarist based in Dresden, Germany. Playing a guitar has been my life for over a decade now and there is nothing I would be more passionate about. I’ve shared the stage with incredible artists like Reentko, Karlijn Langendijk or Claire Besson and played at some of the finest guitar festivals across Europe. In 2019 I released a duo album together with Karlijn Langendijk (NL) called Meraki, which recieved great reviews, especially in Germany and USA. In the end of 2021 there are some new singles coming out, followed by a solo album called „Chiaroscuro“ in 2022. It consists of an exciting blend of virtuosic rhythmical pieces and melodic ballads, so stay in touch and if you want, click the follow button to not miss anything! Thanks for stopping by! Press: „One of the finest young European guitarists.“ – Don Ross „This production is a fine piece of a timeless guitar art at a very high level.“ – Akustik Gitarre Magazin (Germany) on MERAKI "...blend of stylistic fingerprints in exciting ways, using a variety of interesting techniques and fascinating progressions." – Rhodium Publishing (New York) on MERAKI