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For Michelle Rasky, music is a meditation––whether it’s writing, playing or immersing herself in listening. The Toronto-born singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer is on a lifelong journey into sound, blending genres to create her own unique style of organic-hybrid-pop. Her earlier works reveal influences from Ella Fitzgerald to Joni Mitchell to Stevie Wonder, while her new and upcoming releases expand on her musical exploration, incorporating ambient textures, synthesizers and programmed beats to merge her deep love of electronic music into her work. An FMO Songwriter of the Year Award winner, Michelle is known for her jazzy and soulful vocals, adept guitar playing and inventive songwriting. Her upcoming single, “Dancing On My Own,” speaks to the joy and connection we can find through dance, and it grooves with retro elements of disco, funk, soul, and house. “One of the things that’s helped me feel positive and grounded over the past year has been throwing on music and just dancing by myself. Losing ourselves in song and movement can be so uplifting. It’s this beautiful form of self-expression and a way to be present––to enjoy the feeling of being alive and connected. I really wanted to bring that kind of energy into this song.” Available now, “Dancing On My Own” was written, performed and produced by Michelle, and mixed and mastered by Michael Jack. Plans for future singles and a possible EP are in the works for the months ahead.