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Liberated Turmoil is a techno/EBM project of an electronic music artist whose real name is Arina. This project’s style of techno is a blend of rough and punchy kicks, distorted synths, and delicate melodies. Throughout all of the tracks, you can hear either high energy, peak-time pieces that create a sense of euphoria or more subtle sound which is infused with meaningful and caring messages that are built around gentle melodies. “In each of my songs, I try to create a dark atmosphere with the help of secondary sounds and effects which in turn cast a shade of unease and desperation to the delicate melodies.” Arina takes a lot of inspiration from the music she listens to and tries to charge her creations with what she admires, whether from the tracks inside the techno genre or outside the electronic dance music. But there is always one ingredient in all of her songs – sad emotional melodies. “If a melody, even the simplest one, calls out an emotion in my soul then I consider that piece worth releasing into the world”.