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Spooky Cigarette is a New/No Wave project from San Diego, California formed in the fall of 2015. Fronted by Frank Mindingall, (Beaters, Northern Tigers, Ale Mania) whose experience as a gay black man informs not only the bands bitterly tongue in cheek lyrical imagery, but their name itself (Spook(y) - BLACK, Cigarette - FAG), the project aims to channel the subtly decorated borders of night and day. With dirigible synths, cumulonimbus flangers, and the cool colors of pop, Spooky Cigarette toe the line between hooky synth anthems and dark post punk noise. Their debut EP, ʻAs Loud As I Canʼ is an attempt to fully realize social and sexual identity, and to reconcile all the time lost through inaction. It is both haunting and inviting. Surreal and profoundly personal.