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As the name might suggest, Liquid Time find joy in creation through a slowed down approach to life and music. Letting the sounds they create slip through the hustle of life and drop you deep into a body of water with a current running at half speed, giving you ample time to drift through the soundscapes they’ve crafted. With all members being born on Sydneys iconic beaches, it’s no wonder that they’ve found themselves creating such unique music, shaped by the location and people around them. The band steered 2019 with their phasing grooves spread across dance floors with a successful EP that saw them land an East Coast tour, performing in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Wollongong and a home town show in Mona Vale. They also performed at A Day For The Beaches festival alongside the likes of Ocean Alley. The lead single from the EP, Living, landed some solid coverage from Rage TV and Clipped TV, pushing it to over 20,000 streams on Spotify. With 2020 being forced into a slow down, they’re keen to lift the mood. Several songs ready to fire and get you grooving in your bedrooms, lounge rooms and on your morning strolls. Kick back, put on the kettle and soak yourself into a liquid state of mind.