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20 years of Blutengel, and there has only been one general direction: upwards! But success didn‘t blind singer & songwriter Chris Pohl – he knows how quickly success can become tough. On the last album „Damokles“ (2019) he shows his vulnerable side and sings disarmingly honest about his fears. After the success of „Un:Gott“ (02/2019, #2 in the German album charts) Chris‘ view turned to the next step – inspired by the shadows of his soul, he formed new and more personal songs from his fears and his grief. „They are about my very own demons. Especially the title track describes my anguish of what may or will come. At the moment, everything is absolutely fine, but I totally fear the day this might change. Fear of the death of my parents - that will come eventually. Fear, that something bad happens to my beloved ones… Also the fear of what will happen with me when I grow old.“ „Damokles“ does not only grant a deep and intimate view into the soul of this unique artist. „Damokles“ is also the honest dealing of a human being with the fears that we all face one day – and which we often don‘t dare to express. Buy merch :