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Melancholic French indie rock group Berling Berlin formed in Paris in 2017 when the band’s singer

(who had recently moved to the French capital from distant Montevideo, Uruguay) posted an ad online looking for musicians so as to start a music project. Making music with emotions and memories from past times, the group creates an atmosphere with their intricate guitars, immersive synthesizers and bass lines, pulsating drums, and a penetrating baritone voice. The group’s lyrics (written mainly in English but also in French and Spanish) address subjects that result from the arrival of an individual to a foreign unknown place, the changes he may face, and the time allotted to him: uprooting, rage, isolation, faltering love, regret, friendship, and nostalgia. After releasing a few singles, an eponymous debut EP and a celebrated sophomore EP '2', the group embarks on recording an album coming out in early 2022.