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Julieta Venegas is a mexican singer, songwriter, and producer, with 7 studio albums: Aquí (1996) Bueninvento (2000), Sí (2003), Limon y Sal (2006), Otra Cosa (2009), Los Momentos (2011), Algo Sucede (2015) and an MTV Unplugged (2008) She got started in music as a little girl, when she studied classical piano, after that she has been involved in many bands, as a keyboard player, songwriter, and singer. She has toured in many countries like Mexico, USA, Brazil, Europe, and South America. She has also written scores for theatre, and many songs for different films. Her passion has always been songwriting. She is a piano player, but also likes playing the accordion, guitar, cuatro, and many instruments more. Her most recent album, La Enamorada, is the songs for the play La Enamorada, currently being presented in Buenos Aires, a monologue that she acts in, and for which she has written the songs with Santiago Loza, the plays writer.