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Conscious rapper Tristan Simone incorporates the sounds, styles, and energies of his multicultural heritage. Hailing from Madrid and Boston, Tristan’s charisma and unique background make him a stand out in today’s hip-hop scene.

He has a strong voice in the LGBTQ+ community, and was one of the first rappers accepted to Berklee College of Music. Tristan has performed for Justin Timberlake, Tia Ray, Missy Elliott, T-Pain, Kurtis Blow, Lido, Che Pope, Sylvia Rhone, and Patáx. He released his debut EP Fyesta in 2019. This summer he is releasing his debut album, The Testimonial Dance of Bella Madness, which features musicians and producers from all over the world, truly representing the global influences that makes his music stand out.