Gangpol & Mit

Combining whimsical electronic pop with colorful, chunky graphics that are as menacing as they are playful, Gangpol & Mit is the project of composer Sylvain Quément and designer Guillaume Castagné.

The duo began working together in 2002 in a true collaboration, with Quément translating Castagné's visuals into music, or Castagné's pictures suggesting a melody to Quément. Gangpol & Mit released their first album of cartoonishly surreal music, Pièces Détachées, in 2004, with the limited-edition Tournent en Rond EP arriving the following year. For 2007’s The Hopelessly Sad Story of the Hideous End of the World, the pair combined speeches, lullabies, and sampled orchestra arrangements in apocalyptic fashion. They expanded on this concept with the Japan-only release Music Hall, Building Fall, which compiled songs from their previous album and hard-to-find tracks with new material. In 2009, Gangpol & Mit embarked on an even more ambitious project: Carton Park was the duo’s first work aimed specifically at children and featured multi-media performances with vocals by Ponpoko Records' Mami Chan and Norman Bambi. The following year saw the release of Faits Divers, a combination DVD/book set, that also spawned the Faits Diverse Edits EP from Drop of Blood Records. The 1000 Softcore Tourist People Club arrived in early 2011, and reflected a slightly more streamlined sound than the duo’s previous efforts. ~ Heather Phares, Rovi

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