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Neither rain nor snow nor wildfires, not even living on opposite coasts during a global pandemic, can keep Ramon & Jessica from singing together. Beloved since 2002 for their creativity and charm as an offbeat folk duo for grownups, R&J have ventured into children’s music with a collection that parents will love. Sparkling with R&J’s trademark harmony vocals, ukulele, fiddle, and toy instruments, and featuring accordion by Marié Abe (Debo Band) and banjo by Jimmy Horn (Mr. December), Sing Along with Ramon & Jessica pairs instant favorites like “When the Fire Truck Goes By” and “Doggy in the Diner” with imaginative traditionals like “Buckeye Jim” and “The Ants.” Both goofy and heartfelt, Sing Along celebrates togetherness, feelings, and fun. Press:“The duo has brought a quirky and gorgeous blend of indie folk to the SF scene for many years... the whole album is truly beautiful.” (The Deli Magazine) “Ramon & Jessica stole the show… body percussion, animal sounds, and theatrical storytelling create a work that’s plenty engaging for kids.. and as good for the adults, who might appreciate the impressive confluence of styles.” (San Francisco Classical Voice)“A gorgeous a capella tune carried through lovely verses by only the words and sounds of their singer's voices… a brilliant send-up of our media-saturated, breaking-news-alert-addicted culture.” (SF Weekly)