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Hank & Brendan are an unlikely duo as they have had opposing stories in regards to their individual upbringings. While Brendan was born in Wilmington, North Carolina to New York parents, Hank was born in Westchester, New York to a family that hailed from South Carolina. Brendan took a liking to the banjo at a young age and was formally trained in bluegrass music at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, TN, while Hank found that the New York punk scene with such bands as The Velvet Underground and the Strokes resonated with him. He opted to play jazz guitar at the University of South Carolina in Columbia. Upon meeting and playing together they managed to pull together a sound that took the best of both worlds and blended them almost seamlessly. This puts them in the odd position of being the bluegrass band at the rock shows whilst being the rock band at the bluegrass shows.