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Fueled by their desire to break down the restrictive genre barriers of today's music industry, The World Over’s multifaceted approach, unique sense of creativity and outside the box thinking promotes diversity in their music with their sound and who they are (LGBTQ+ and ethnic diversity), allowing them to combine rock, pop and metal with killer tempo transitions, soulful choruses and spine chilling screams. Established in 2014 at the L.A. Music Academy by front-woman Tiaday Rocke and guitarist Ryan Knecht, bassist Juan Arguello and drummer Alejandro Mercado were soon inducted thereafter. The lineup was rounded out with the addition of rhythm guitarist Christian Rivera in 2020. Rewind/Replay released in 2018 to critical acclaim, reached over 500,000 views on YouTube alone in only 8 months. T.W.O. has graced the pages of multiple media publications including the likes of Alternative Press, where they have captivated the hearts and minds of music fans around the globe. Tiaday has even been labelled as one of the top 100 women in music by Alternative Press. Warped Tour founder/creator Kevin Lyman invited the band to take part in the final ever (touring) Warped Tour (2018), and consequently the Warped Anniversary show (2019). Amongst their success on Warped, they have compiled countless miles around the globe headlining shows and as support for such bands as Otep, Escape The Fate, Slaves (U.S.), to name a few. And they're only getting started...