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Bruce Enloe is a musician from Ontario by way of San Francisco by way of Austin Texas... Starting out in the DIY Texas post-punk scene that produced eclectic contemporaries like ...And You Will Know us by the Trail of Dead, Glorium, Gut, Paul Newman and Windsor for the Derby; he left music for some time before returning to produce a series of mostly overlooked albums and songs that are genre defying (Americana, Beatle-pop, novelty, folk, rock...), lyric driven, unique, and usually combine a mix of comic wit and thoughtfulness. His latest album (A Perfect Cliché, January 2019, co-produced by Ben Mullin and Brad Sucks) calls back to his eclectic art rock roots and is described as a 'fake concept album', complete with a nonsense narrative, his own art design, and music that combines indie rock, pop & folk, with dashes of electronica, psych and noise.