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Somewhere between the catchy melodies of pop and the aggression of metal can be found the realm of today’s hard rock. REVEL 9 (Livid City Records/Washington USA) takes great care to blend the best from those two fan-heavy genres, and with that care, the band continues to deliver the hard-hitting, insightful and intense music that has solidified them as a staple in the Northeastern Hard Rock scene.

Fans of bands like Chevelle, Deftones, A Perfect Circle and Three Days Grace really have a lot to find in REVEL 9. “Their music is equal parts catchy and aggressive, and “The Reality Crush” establishes them further as a band with the power and ability to appeal to the masses.” – Lehigh Valley Underground The delivery on ‘The Razorblade Diaries’ is amazing. - Hip Rock Magazine “The intensity of opener ‘San Jose’ is palpable and Pearlman impresses with his perfect rock vocal tone and blistering guitar licks.” - Now This ROCKS! “They offer up a sound that is bound to catch on like crazy! - Neufutur Magazine “This is the new now, the future, the way the music will be.” - NBTMusic “Haven't heard anything like this in a while, which reminds me that I should.” – Aiding & Abetting