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At a young age Metrik was pulled into D&B’s magnetism, drawn in by its clinical precision and emotive compositions. Within this world he discovered a deep resonance with the pairing of man and machine. That resonance gave him an unshakeable conviction and set the course for the rest of his life, taking him from producing music in his bedroom to performing on the world’s biggest festival stages. 
 As an artist, his love of technology and the aesthetic of the ‘80s is a clear influence on his music. Close your eyes while listening to a Metrik album and you can practically see him weaving visual references to science fiction and the movies of his childhood. What you’re left with is something that looks to the future with a distinctly nostalgic hue. 
 His early inspirations have carved a path for him that is littered with achievements, and yet it feels like the main thing the drum & bass superstar has achieved is an inimitable musical vision, an artist who shapes the future of music itself. His vision is brought to effortless fruition thanks to his romance with the past. And his determination for crafting a musical vision that reaches far into the future is what makes him one of the most important drum & bass artists of today.