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The Hamburg based Duo Jurij Mondaine stands for electronic pop music far from mainstream. Catchy melodies meet a shining mix of synthpop, indie pop and dream pop. Further a clear declaration of love to the 80s coming directly from the 2020s that creates distinctive und danceable sound experiences. Intimate and fragile vocals lie down on pervasive snares, oscillating bass phrases and synth arpeggios. Their music conjures fleeting situations that could mean a little piece of heaven. It’s music to lose yourself and grow wings to. It drifts between optimistic awakening and a little breeze of melancholy, between the carelessness of a hypnotic dance and a morbid tinge of fugaciousness. The latest single „Another Stage Play“ released in July follows a next one in September. For more click the homepage: http://jurijmondaine.com/