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"Eaton’s new project is an eclectic expanse of ethereal atmospheres and fields of magnetic, lyrical melodies orbiting a core of contemporary jazz and prog idioms." —Bass Musician Magazine. Hailed as a “studio wizard” and “diverse performer,” Brian Eaton captivates his listeners with eclectic, sonic intrigue. The Allegra Drums artist and musician/composer/engineer/producer is a multi-genre force in jazz, prog and rock, who uses the studio as the ultimate instrument to wield his imaginative creativity. The Illinois Entertainer called Eaton, “a multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist with multi-tasking abilities,” and radio host/DJ Tim Lamping proclaimed, “Brian Eaton is a one in a million solo artist, producer and music arranger.” Eaton dispenses that inventive power on his latest release, The Known Space Project, which WWOZ New Orleans jazz radio, who’s featured all 9 tracks, called “a fun album.” Bass Musician Magazine revealed some of the wizardry behind the production, in particular the song “Four String Theory,” in which all the tracks (including the drum sounds) were created using bass guitar. And jazz saxophonist Frank Catalano raved that the new record “is beautiful music with a lot of vibe that has been taking me on a journey. Exactly what my soul needed.” Born in Los Angeles in 1966, Eaton was surrounded by music in early childhood. His older brother introduced him to rock bands like Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Yes, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd & Rush. Read more