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Irma Agiashvili (b. 1984) is a Finnish Georgian singer-songwriter based in Helsinki. In the days of MySpace and demos, she nailed her first gig (August 2008) by uploading her songs and music to the page. The local grass roots promoters started booking her all around the city and the live gigs took on a life of their own. Her repertoire started to grow as she wrote more and more songs and eventually an album was in the making. 
 In April 2013, Irma released her debut album Sing The Unspoken, produced by Johnny Lee Michaels. The album drew attention from critics and her unique and jagged voice was praised for its pleasantly unpolished sound. 
 In April 2016, Irma came back with a second studio album, Behind Space. This time the lyrics were more personal: a reflection of past innocence and the stillness of the now. The influences stretched throughout many genres. The album was recorded partially in E-Studio and Johnny Lee Michaels home studio with musicians Santeri Saksala, Roxsy Surowiak and Harri Taittonen. 
 In Autumn 2017, Irma released a double single If The World Would End Tonight, an answer to the current political climate. 
 In August 2018, a debut Finnish single Kiertotähti was released after Irma had immersed herself in writing classes and rekindled a relationship with Finnish, a language she had only began to learn at the age of eight. Inspired by her fascination with space, Irma wrote a song of longing and fate between two people orbiting around themselves like planets.