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The Fuddles are a trio of veteran musicians and entertainers who bring their varied backgrounds—from stages to studios to clowning—to make music for the whole family. The Fuddles came to be when Scott Kaija, also known as Hiccup the Clown, was inspired to fuse his two artistic worlds: indie rock and children’s entertaining. Kaija recruited close friends and fellow musicians Daniel Brooks and John Hunter. Together they combine their creative energies and unique perspectives to make a musical potluck—or a “fuddle”—of silly songs about sharing and kindness. Each band member has a defined character, look, and stage name: Scotty, Dee and Jay. The Fuddles explore diverse Canadian experiences with simple, down-to-earth songwriting and irresistible guitar and vocal melodies. With a focus on preschool and grade school children of all backgrounds, they craft messages about ways to live harmoniously in the world, using a lighthearted approach. Kaija, Brooks, and Hunter mix influences from iconic pop and rock eras, with musical chops honed for decades as members of Canadian indie bands controller.controller, Frontier Index and others.