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My musical journey started before I can remember. I grew up singing, playing instruments, and enjoying music in every situation possible. Music helps me feel and understand my emotions, and provide a satisfaction I’ve never found anywhere else. I started classical violin lessons at the age of four. From the very beginning, I loved learning how to play songs from my favorite movies, and I taught myself how to play them by ear. At 10, I wanted more than anything to learn to play guitar, so I started taking lessons. I would learn to sing and play songs from radio, and when I was 12 I started going to open mics and performing. In high school I played drums and saxophone in jazz band, and learned jazz theory. At 13, I became serious about a career as an artist. I wrote my first song, and I soon realized I could impact people in the same way music had impacted me. My experience with many genres, my extensive knowledge of classical and jazz theory, and my ability to play multiple instruments have given me an edge when writing my music. In addition, seven years of self taught sound engineering allows me to produce, mix, and master my own music, making my sound incredibly cohesive. It’s hard for me to explain exactly who I am. The best way I know how is in song. This art form has defined who I am my whole life, and I know it will continue to do so past my years on this earth. This is why I make music; I simply cannot imagine my life without it.