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Bomb Threat are a dynamic Hip-Hop four piece formed in 2017. At the forefront of the group is Mikoen, the former front man of Big Village Records, Reverse Polarities, Daily Meds & current member of legendary indigenous Hip Hop outfit South West Syndicate. Mikoen delivers potent, intelligent, heartfelt lyrics with the intensity he is known for. Beside Mikoen is newcomer to the scene Aisha. Aisha provides smooth vocals for this fresh & unique outfit bringing her chilled feminine energy to the group, providing balance & harmony amongst the chaos. Handling all the group’s production is Blue Mountains veteran, Caustic Yoda. The acclaimed beatmaker has made a name for himself as the man behind the music for local acts including Two Toes, Cooking with Caustic, Goro & Otherside. He combines live instrumentation with MPC drumming & sampling to create a varied & skillful sound that is in high demand. Respected DJ & Producer, Codeks, handles the cuts. As a member of the former Triple J Unearthed winners, Down Under Beats Crew, & one half of the DJ / production crew Platterpush & Codeks, Codeks is known for adding his masterful turntablism & live cuts into the mix. Since releasing “Police State” in 2017 Bomb Threat have dropped 4 more singles including their 2019 “Fly On The Wall” & “Colour Blind” released on 7” vinyl. Their