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Richy Hyliger

Richy Hyliger

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About this artist

Posted By Richy Hyliger

Richy Hyliger has been steadily refining his talent and craft over the course of a few years. Born in San Diego and raised on a military base named Camp Pendleton, Richy had astronomical aspirations.

He attended primary school in Ocean Side and shortly after moved to South Texas where he became ferociously hungry for a career in music.

Since then Richy has gathered a cult like following from his fans and supporters, and we entirely understand why. Every time he performs he cultivates an almost religious experience that his fans fail to forget. His stunning visuals, production, and lyricism all come from the man himself all while he plays an integral part in his music collective; Anahata Milytia.

While mainstream media has fallen short in their coverage of Richys young and promising career, we can assure you that he will top charts in the near future. His organic style and raw sounds substantiate his incredibly unique personality. From performing multiple showcases at SXSW to opening for large acts Richy has proven every time that he is ready for international stardom.

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