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ThatKidCourageous (TKC) was born and raised among the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and continues to chop and sample in the Jeffco Foothills. As a musician raised by musically- and rhythmically-inclined family, TKC feels at home with just about any instrument but is especially drawn to percussion. Early days behind the drums for punk and alternative bands combined with constant sharing of music between family and complemented by years of DJing at a local radio station have garnered TKC with a vast range of musical interests and a repertoire of sound. This innate bond to all things rhythm and music greatly influences TKC’s most beloved music venture: sample-based hip-hop production.

TKC was brought up among musical recording aficionados and has always had an affinity for the physical retention of music. TKC channels this passion by producing sample-based beats that are largely pulled from vinyl records (thanks to the Grandparents for the soul and gospel treasure trove). TKC’s wheelhouse includes the Golden Era of hip-hop, all things Soul, unexpected audio clips, and interesting timing that always keeps you guessing. You can catch TKC talking shop with the heads of Denver hip-hop and plotting the next move of the High Conscious collective.