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King Company was formed in early 2014. Drummer Mirka Rantanen (Raskasta joulua, Warmen, ex-Thunderstone, ex-Kotipelto, etc) had already been thinking about forming a new hard rock band for a long time. He wanted to play with people with whom he had worked before and who he knew as both good musicians and friends. First he contacted guitarist Antti Wirman (Warmen) who was also the first to join. The singer Pasi Rantanen was in Mirka’s mind from the beginning, as they had played together in a couple of bands before (Thunderstone, Warmen). After keyboardist Jari Pailamo (Kiuas, Ponies To Kill), and bassist Time Schleifer (Enfarce) joined the band, this super-group was ready to start working. Band

released its debut album ”One For The Road” in 2016. In 2017 the band toured in Finland resulting to Pasi having severe vocal chord problems and finally not being able to sing at all. However, a tour in Spain was already booked. After a cruciating search for a replacement singer King Company found the perfect candidate from YouTube. Italian-Argentinian Leonard F. Guillan took the job After the tour Pasi was replaced by Leonard. The album “Queen of hearts” was released in August 2018. After successful gigs in Finland and in Spain King Company parted ways with Leonard. In 2019 Leonard was replaced by Finnish singer Ilkka Keskitalo. King Company is currently working on the next album.