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Autumn Flaw is a one-man ambient techno music project by Patrick Cheatham. Bright and light melodies alternate or blend with dark passages, exploring new musical moods. Autumn Flaw is named in honor of a natural philosophy appreciative of imperfection. Flaws from absolutely impossible perfection abound and lend character to everything. Our flaws and the flaws in life are that of which we are made and are the heart of our warm and flexible humanity. Nature's deviation from idealized cloned perfection provides uniqueness, freedom, and beauty to all. Often looked over yielding, fluidity, and slip are imbued in the actual sciences and in our beautiful human imperfection. Listeners are treated to variety, surprise, and sudden maneuver in music. Autumn Flaw music presents listeners with frequent changes to the evolving listening experience, with no song part dwelling long without relief much past 10 seconds. This style is designed for listeners who might be enduring hardships. Sweeping airy backdrops, swift driving synthesizers, drum sampler percussion pattern scattering, and variations of short time delays deliver an uplifting rush, considering that pause and stop options are at ready, while listening. Patrick has a very open public policy concerning bipolar brain illness in his background About, to combat away stigma by personal example. Patrick is a retired and disabled U.S. Air Force Captain and is a Master of Science in Aeronautical Engineering.