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In 2021, new generations of Filipinx are discovering kulintang music through Kulintronica's beats and remixes. “The First Time (Space Dub)” is his latest remix and marks the final re-interpretation of this song from his first album. 
 When he heard kulintang music for the first time, his life was changed. As a full-time musician with one foot in the world of traditional Filipino music, and one foot stomping on stages in front of night club dance floors, the sounds of the gongs would reverberate in his head after long nights, with the kulintang echoing into the mix. This is how the Kulintronica sound was formed. 
 Kulintronica trained in traditional Datu Piang style traditional kulintang music by the late master kulintang musician Danongan Kalanduyan as a member of his Palubiyan Kulintang Ensemble. Together they toured North America from Toronto to Acapulco. As a guitarist and bassist he has performed in a number of San Francisco bands in styles ranging from funk, to rock, to hip-hop, and he is also the guitarist for the Haranistas de Manila rondalla ensemble. 
 Kulintronica started telling his own story in music performing in the eclectic Filipino Arts scene centered in the South of Market district of San Francisco. Incubated at shows presented by Kularts, and at venues such as Bindlestiff Studios, Asian-Art Museum, and the Yerba Buena Gardens Festival, Kulintronica experimented and perfected a way of performing kulintang-infused electronic dance music as a solo artist.