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Jordan Hepburn is a Bass Guitarist from Edinburgh, Scotland. Growing up in Edinburgh, they were introduced to the guitar around the age of seven by their father Jerry Hepburn, themselves a songwriter, guitarist and bass player. During their early teens, they began playing the Bass Guitar in order to form a band with their friends, but soon discovered a strong affinity for the instrument - particularly in the pursuit of emulating the playing of Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Re-ignited with a fresh perspective on Music heavily inspired by Victor Wooten, in 2019 they underwent somewhat of a ‘Bass Renaissance’ - determined to expand their technical bass playing repertoire and proficiency in order to unlock new levels of creative and expressive freedom. They released Scotland's First Solo Bass Creative Works 'Bass à Alba' in September 2020, featuring Traditional Scottish Music and Cover Songs of well-known artists from Scotland.