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I dno what makes a person who they are but it isn’t a list of shit they’ve done. That will just tell u the shit theyve done, but not who they r. Anyway, here's a list of subtly pretentious accomplishments (updated 12/18/2020): 1. born in detroit on a very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very cold day 2. Rapped & made beats 3. got good grades, no girls liked me 4. met big sean 5. went 2 Duke 6. made first hit, “cooler than me” in dorm, very cheap mic, girls myseteriously started to like me 7. career stalled in major way and not gonna lie, things looked bleak 8. wrote a bunch of songs for ppl more famous than me 9. wrote a song about how my career had gone to shit n it was called i took a pill in ibiza 10. It became really popular and i became popular again. mysteriously, members of the opposite sex seemed to be once again interested 11. wrote book of poetry, no1 seemed to really give too much of a fuck 12. grammys 13. dyed hair green, stopped eating. That was my way of sayin: i love u 14. Got blackbear tat on stomach, only tattoo 15. mansionz 16. A real good kid - one of best albums of decade, biased, no1 else seems to really give a fuck 17. Walked across America 18. snake 19. Started climbing a loot of mountains 20. now If u actually want to know who i am, listen to my music and read my poetry Mp