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    Gay Jesus for President
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    Blackin' In
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    Punk Rock Ruined My Life
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Worlds Scariest Police Chases writes riff-heavy, melody-driven punk with the aggressive tactics of a fully unchecked police force.
Their dynamic sound sets the stage for lyrics loaded with unapologetic commentary, biting snark and several well-placed puns.
The infamous party cops from Pittsburgh have been together since 2010, with the self-released full-length UNFUCKWITHABLE (2012). Soon after, the band joined Pittsburgh label A-F Records for two more releases: “NOFX...And Out Come The Wolves Dookie” (2013) and EP “Adolf Hipster” (2015).
Worlds Scariest Police Chases has shared stages across the US and Canada with modern punk staples like Suicide Machines, Anti-Flag, Red City Radio, Iron Chic and more. The band’s raucous, energetic on-stage antics have earned them a regular invite to punk’s most revered annual pilgrimage, The FEST.
In the time since the release of their last last release, the Worlds Scariest Police Chases has weathered personal losses, watching an expanding culture of abuse in music, a volatile political climate and a rotating cast of contributing musicians. As a result they’ve turned their spotlights onto those deeper issues.
Their new release “ABLUM 3” with Say-10 Records, inviting both old and new fans to the table with their now signature kitsch while exploring newer, and often darker, topics. Worlds Scariest Police Chases continues to shock the doe-eyed and elate those hungry for something with more grit in their punk rock.
-Krista Gjestland


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