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Hether Jude is a Los Angeles-based electro-pop artist originally from Vancouver, BC. Her music combines organic and electronic elements with a hypnotic blend of evocative lyrics and haunting melodies over groove-heavy production. On her own at an early age, Hether Jude faced trauma, exploitation and dark times. Spirited, bright and relentlessly resilient, she overcame adversity and turned her pain into compassion through her former careers in special education and counseling. Music has always been Hether Jude’s truest calling, beckoning her from despair and empowering her to break through. Inspired by her time in the underground club scene – with its eclectic counterculture and deep electronic sounds - her songs embody darkness and light, powerfully transforming the ashes of a turbulent past into potent expressions of truth and triumph. Hether Jude is currently in the studio, writing and recording her upcoming album ‘VICTORY OF ART’ with a team of major label songwriters and producers, including Grammy Award-nominated songwriter Natalia Bortolotti and Grammy Award-winning mixer Justin Hergett (slated for release in 2022). The album will feature the singles, ‘WARRIOR’, ‘BEST DREAMS’ and ‘JUST A TASTE’ (out now) plus several new tracks. Live show dates and fresh singles coming soon!