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S.T.O.P. is a school project of Istituto

Lombardo Radice, in the Eastern suburbs of Rome. Led by teachers Federico Lama (maths) and Marco Maurizi (philosophy) since 2017, it involves girls and boys who compose, arrange and play their own songs. The name of the band has no fixed meaning: it adapts to different contexts and aesthetical needs (for example: Surrender To Our Peace, or Sweet Titans On Prozac). The band has just realeased its first album"Stop" Current musicians: Matteo Arienzo: lead vocal Claudia Bivolaru: lead and backing vocals Eduardo Calimici: drums Chiara Capparozza: acoustic guitar Alessio Di Luca: drums Federica Giovinazzo: lead and backing vocals Matteo Gullo: bass, percussions Federico Lama: guitars, keyboards Marco Maurizi: lead and backing vocals, guitars, keyboards Michela Nullo: lead vocal Mattia Prata: piano, keyboards Rebecca Punzo: lead and backing vocals Gabriele Sciabbarasi: acoustic guitar Chiara Zibellini: lead and backing vocals, guitars, keyboards Former musicians: Chiara Ciccone: lead and backing vocals, acoustic guitar Beatrice Di Paola: lead vocal Marta De Cristofaro: lead vocal Rebecca Foti: lead vocal Young Kronos: drum programming