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An electro pop experience between Flume and Foreign Beggars with Dub FX skills, including live looping and video sampling. "Machines on the tip of his tongue and stories on his lips. As others plug in their guitars to make hearts scream, the Swiss-french musician dances sounds around his palate. Yes, beatboxing. Except that to enrobe his eloquence, he had the good idea to aim his saliva at a looper. He had to show bucket-loads of audacity to bring vocal cords and electronic cables together so naturally. An unfiltered voice serving up some gourmet electro. Forget beatboxing duels in a boxing ring. In 2018, Arthur Henry finally dares to look his producing ambitions in the eye. An ode to freedom as an electronic appetizer. Tight but unhurried.Instead of plunging his fingers into a basket of samples, Arthur Henry draws his inspirations from the source and builds small sonic cathedrals where each level is sculpted by a powerful vocal tool. A form of organic biography plunged into a bath of electricity." Fred Valet