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Amnesia Scanner is a Berlin-based music duo, performing arts group, experience design studio and production house, created by Finnish-born Ville Haimala and Martti Kalliala. Founded in 2014, Amnesia Scanner's approach is informed by a unique perspective on technology and the way it mediates contemporary experience. System vulnerabilities, information overload and sensory excess inform their work, which has found a home in both clubs and galleries. Building on their mixtape AS Live [][][][][] (2014), Amnesia Scanner’s critically-acclaimed audio play Angels Rig Hook (2015) laced a potpourri of dancefloor tactics with a machinic narrator. Their dual EPs for Young Turks, AS and AS Truth (2016), distilled this immersive environment into an abrasive collection of cryptorave tools. Amnesia Scanner’s grandest musical statement came in 2018 when they released their critically acclaimed debut album Another Life on PAN. Coupling pop song structures with avant-EDM productions the album evocatively explores a schizophrenic present marked by narratives of a slow apocalypse or salvation via technology. From lullabies to overheated doombahton and nu-metal-gabba Another Life’s mood swings between trill hope and casual threat.