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An Austin-based singer/songwriter with a penchant for both humor and truth-telling, Roxi Copland's innovative sound is forged at the crossroads of Americana, blues, and jazz. Her latest studio album, Bad Decision, artfully weds slice-of-life storytelling with a mélange of musical genres. The title track juxtaposes an uptempo Americana and blues sound with harmonic hints of 60s retropop and comically dark lyrics to create a compelling and visceral experience. "What Were You Thinkin'?" harkens back to Dixieland shout choruses while ruminating on the risk of swiping right. Reviewing the album, the Milwaukee Shepherd Express writes, "Copland’s airy arrangements and slowly insinuating melodic hooks, abetted by occasional glimmers of steel guitar, posits her in a space akin to where Norah Jones might have landed had her affinity for country music manifested differently…”  Copland isn't shy about her frustration with genre purists: "Some people argue about whether a song 'belongs' in a particular category - I never understood the need to pigeonhole an artist into one genre. Good music, at its core, starts with a well-written song. That song, and the message of the song, need to take the lead. You're not doing anyone any favors if you take a song and beat the hell out of it just to make it better fit someone's idea of genre purity. Songs need room to breathe - to be what they need to be and go where they need to go, even if you do end up with a gospel bridge in your bossa nova."