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Like the mighty Mexican super group Menudo before them, the idea was simple and to the point, when some of the homies either get locked up, have a grip of kids and can’t leave the crib or retire, some of the younglings from different bands or clikas would be added to keep the spirit and banda alive for generations to come. Sadly El Jefe went to the big slam pit in the sky to keep trucha over the youngsters on the street. Hoakie ( En Paz descanse) recruited Juan Solo (Vulturas) to help with vocals and car radio pullout jackings. El Dreamer was also added to the mix for his vast knowledge of where the best swap meets are at and his way of throwing chingasos with his words on stage. Together they got down and recorded what was to become “Back in Brown” a collection of 10 firme cover songs that hit hard like your hefas chancla when you act stupid. Sadly el grupo suffered another great loss as Hoakie immigrated to the heavens above in 2018. The banda hit up punk rock wilmero Elvis to help play guitar on a few songs for Hoakie B-day Bash at Alex’s bar later that year. The vibe was all respect to the past OG’s and with the idea to keep el espirito going the band jumped in Elvis outside Alex’s bar on Anaheim street and the rest is history. With some Og’s and some new blood the future looks a bright like Aztec gold spray paint, if they can manage to stay out the pinta or not get deported.